About Zuffi Italo

artist, teacher Academy of Fine Arts of l'Aquila

As an artist, I try to interpret my practice. I operate forms of subtraction. I appropriate materials that are available in the world and I take them with me. I make some transformations that are reciprocal, the material acts upon me and I act upon it by moulding it. When I think that the process is finished I give it back to the world. As a teacher I am in favour of ventures in which students, still carrying out their studies, have the chance of doing what is central in the work of an artist: a familiarity with the idea that what one does is then used by others; getting used to exchanging, to making their work available to others. Referring back to Goethe, an object exists in the moment that it is looked upon. What we teachers can do is accustom our students to these forms of attention.