I always find thinking about the relationship with industry, with production, very stimulating. What I find interesting is derailing the system of production in order to create something that is not quite an object of art; that is, finding a place between the two things, art and production. By doing this there is the possibility of communicating within a wider circle. Above all in Italy the artist has a tendency of becoming isolated.
My objects speak of the relationship between me and my objects. When I come out of my solitude and I have the chance to work with artisans or with industries, I still find myself facing two very different situations. With the artisan there is a direct encounter, a tighter relationship is established; a human relationship almost, like when I made the ceramics that I’ve brought here. The relationship with an industry is perhaps a bit more difficult, but even more stimulating. In a production system there are machines making, for example, boxes.
My ideas come to me precisely when I see how a production line works. It is when, for example, I skip a step in that production line that I am able to create something without losing out economically. Maybe another economy is added. This connection between art and industry that seemed impossible has over the years instead become ever more real, even creating a new dimension for contemporary art.