I think this is a marvellous experience. We met for the first time in Paris. We then see that this is then extended to an equally marvellous island like Capri. This is a showcase on an international level. Already in our group there people form all over the world and this fact indicates that what we have here is something new. What was said just now is very important. This novelty that we artists search for is the novelty of the artwork which is not tied to the means of production; even if everything is changed or modified, what is constant is the work itself as a final result. It is this result that interests us. The problem is the work of art, the location and its reach.

There is no such thing as a new work of art, instead there is a work seen in new light, in a new day. We must measure ourselves. Capri has a very long history and at the same time an absolute contemporariness. We come here from a metropolis like Paris and pick up our discussion here. Personally, I’m very interested in this kind of extension. It is in this sense that a new work can be created.
Let me just say a couple of things in French: the discussion earlier about art today is interesting. We were talking about production. The question from my point of view really is art as a result and how this will be perceived considering this place that we have been able to work in today. It is always the result that counts. It is because of this that we are here and in Paris before.