I am a surgeon, a researcher, I taught for 40 years. I am a lover of all that is beautiful, of ancient art, of the 17th century, and of contemporary art. The 17th century is of great interest to me because for Naples it was the most beautiful period. I have relationships with many gallery owners, I have tried to surround myself with beauty and to make my spaces available to artists, such as the Saracen tower in Campanella. It is a very particular place that has seen a great many artists.
So I love art, I love artists. This discussion today for me is totally new and I apologise if I come across a little naive. I can’t understand the difference between the goals of the various elements, industry, art, craft. It’s difficult to understand the difference between an artist and a designer. Is Dalisi, for instance, an artista or a designer? What about Ettore Sottsass or Giò Ponti? It is very difficult to say that this object is an artistic object, but if we produce a million copies of it, is it still artistic? I find the concept of a network very interesting. I find it extraordinary and if it’s possible to set it up will be a wonderful thing and the aim should also be to find financing, like with tourism.
But what slant would I give it? The artisan in art is nothing new; likewise using manufactured products is even a subject taught in academies. What then is new? Today we have new, extraordinary materials that often the artist doesn’t know and that instead could be useful in creating new situations. This is how the first plastic objects came about, chairs and so on. The new material has influenced the way of creating. Industries could be interested in supplying these materials.
As far as crafts are concerned, artists have had ties to this sector for millennia, they know everything there is to know about it. What they don’t know on the other hand is the evolution that there has been in recent years in terms of materials.